Defund the Diocese?

 ...because sometimes money talks

What we've heard...

Some people have said that the last few years the Diocese has headed down a misguided path. Some people feel betrayed, some bewildered, and some disappointed.


People are sad becuase they are devoted parishioners, yet are confused by this seemingly strange, seeingly morally incongruent behaviour.


Many of you have said that you contacted the Bishop's office, Msgr. Murray Kroetsch, or the Vicar of Education Fr. Cornelious (Con) O'Mahoney, and are now even more confused.



What you've said

1)  "Toronto's Cardinal spoke out against flying the Pride Flag. Ottawa's Archbishop testified himself before the Board of Trustees in an attempt to stop the flag. Yet in our Diocese (Hamilton), our Bishop didn't just remain silent - he had the Vicar of Education prepare a radical report in favour of it - and then threatened and punished priests for voicing their conscience against it. I cannot support this sort of misguided and anti-Catholic behaviour."  --JR.

2)  "We used to donate about $100 weekly to our parish in the Hamilton diocese. In good conscience, we and several families we talked to sadly can no longer fund what they are now doing. We redirected our giving to Chalice and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom School and Saint Philip's Seminary, as well as other deserving Catholic charities."  --P.V.

3)  "I knew for the past few years that the Diocese was knee-deep in the LGBT stuff, but never in a million years did I think I'd live to see the Diocese openly advocate for flying the "Pride" flag at children's schools. Jesus must be weeping for his children. I've had enough. The Diocese isn't getting another penny from me until they clean up. I'm done."  --T.A.

4)  "I believe the Diocese of Hamilton has now gone rogue and seriously misrepresented the teaching of Jesus and the Gospel. I trusted Hamilton Diocese with my sacrificial giving for years.  Because of what the Diocese has officially done to our Faith and our children we are officially not One Heart, One Soul with the diocese!  I am accountable to God that my resources will only go to faithful servants." -- C.J.

5)  "As parents from HCDSB we sent countless emails/phone calls regarding the flying of the pride flag with no response. It has been disheartening to say the least. As well, as a former volunteer for the rosary apostolate I was shocked to hear that the Bishop canceled the program for all schools under the diocese. He stated that it was redundant as the school curriculum included the rosary. I can tell you that none of my children have prayed the rosary a single time since the program left the school. It saddens me to think of all of the rosaries that went unsaid because of his decision." --NM

6)  "Yes, absolutely, we are hurt and upset that our Shepherd has abandoned us! Letters, and signatures on petitions to the Bishop’s office go unanswered, and even our pleas to permit our parish Churches and chapels to stay open have fallen on deaf ears. We cannot, in good conscience, contribute to the diocesan One Heart One Soul Campaign, and we no longer contribute to our own parish, instead we donate our Sunday offertory contributions to the neighbouring dioceses of St Catharine’s and Toronto, where we go to Mass and Adoration and Communion, and for quiet prayer time before the Tabernacle during the lockdowns. We have been shut out of our own churches in the diocese of Hamilton. It no longer feels like home."-- MF

7)  "My family will not support a diocese that openly supports the sin that caused God to flood the Earth while condemning and banishing priests bold enough to speak the truth. There needs to be a thorough cleansing of the Chancery. Until the poison is purged, not a penny will be given to this Diocese." -- Anonymous

8)  "I am very encouraged to know other people feel the same regarding defunding the diocese over the past couple of years I’ve been gradually redirecting my funds towards either other dioceses or faithful clergy, in total my redirected funds annually are $4100. I give a small monthly donation to (organization redacted) so no funds will reach the Bishop’s office." --CC

9)  "We opted to support the diocese wholeheartedly with the heart and soul endeavour and feel really betrayed with regards to not being spiritual supported during COVID ; shocked to see the letter from Monsignor Kroetsch preventing our priests from speaking up and now the LGBT participation is the icing on the cake?"-- PC

10)  "Even though my monetary contribution or defunding is not large. I want to let our Bishop know that I have already for a few years back made the decision to only donate a basic amount to my local church for many other faith related issues, I have chosen to fulfill my obligation to support Catholic charities by donating directly to other causes. I have moved parishes twice in the past 2 yrs looking for a more faithful, vibrant and active parish. It pains me to further reduce my financial support to our local church (let alone the Campaign One Heart one Soul which I didn’t join, given that our churches have remained closed even though the government allows them to be open to certain numbers) since I have been blessed to find a Parish that cares for my soul. Given the current support of our Diocese to the LGBT movement within our Catholic school board, I’m left with no option than to withdraw my financial support as a last resort to express my disappointment for the lack of leadership and concern for the proper spiritual formation/salvation of our Youth and community at large regarding Jesus’s teachings on what real love to our neighbour should look like (concern for their spiritual, physical and mental well-being and ultimately their eternal salvation). Our Bishop and vicar of Education have failed to protect and uphold our Catholic faith in the face of a confused and ill inform culture which has infiltrated within our Catholic board. I have 4 kids which will no longer attend our Catholic school board starting this September. I rather send them to the public system where no wrong Catholic teachings will be imposed on my kids. Our Catholic school system doesn’t seem to know or understand the Gospel anymore.
I’ll continue to pray that our Spiritual Father’s will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and realize the devastating effects of their actions/in-action on the souls of so many children and their parents, including themselves who have made a vow to lead people to Jesus and not away from Him.
"-- DM

11) I have just stopped our contributions of $50 a month to our parish. I have written to the Bishop asking him to speak out about the LGBTQ ideology in schools. I will redirect these funds to the Good Shepherd in Hamilton. --L.

12) We have felt sadly betrayed by our diocese and our shepherds. We have cancelled both of our weekly contributions and our building fund contributions, and will be discontinuing “ one heart , one soul”. During these times of chaos throughout the whole church , from the Vatican on down , we will think very carefully about where our donations will be better spent. We keep praying for all involved and know assuredly that “ the gates of hell will not prevail against God’s church”. Christ said that for anyone who leads a child astray , it would be better had he not been born. --S.A.E.

13) I was donating about $1,200 per year to my parish I have reduced it to about $200 per year. I am beyond disgusted with actions of this diocese and the report that was issued on the pride flag. I am even more disgusted that not one of my many emails to the bishop, his auxiliary, the chancellor and Father Con were responded to. They have ignored me and countless others so they are not worthy of the support of my hard earned money. --Luciano

14) Besides the doctrinal things mentioned, I have received a great deal of persecution in my music ministry. Trying to do Gregorian Chant and even any semblance of traditional music has resulted in a reprimand by the chancellor. The pastor failed to defend me. I was providing my work for free (with the hope that it would become paid) but decided I could not work in a diocese that promoted agendas against the Catholic faith.
The amount of liturgical abuses and outright sacrilege witnessed in my church is too much to name - two hosts dropped on the floor during a Good Friday service and proper care was not taken to purify the ground, priest ad libbing and teaching in sermons contrary to the faith just to name a few.--Anonymous

15) Our family stopped attending [Fr. Con's] church a couple of years ago because of [Fr. Con's] radical views. He is working along side radical, anti-bible trustees XXXX. We want to speak up but fear repercussions and bullying from these radicals. --Anonymous

16) I am delighted and thank God that you have broken the awful silence. I felt so relieved to find your site, and was so thankful. I have been so very shocked at the behavior of this Bishop, but have seen many strange things, both in what has been said and done, and by the silence and omissions. I began to think that it was because of my getting older. But no, we have learned to defer to the hierarchy, and we know very well to keep our mouths shut...though in our hearts and minds we know that sin is sin, no matter how you want to pretend it is not. And no matter what title you have before your name. Pride flags flying over supposed Catholic schools??? Because the Bishop says so, and his friend Fr. Con. Truly, sad days. 


BUT, when good people are silent in the face of WRONG...we know who wins.


I, too, have decided to redirect my $1200 offering to a worthy and needed cause..Birthright, Good Shepherd and  LifeSiteNews, and to a politician who has the courage of convictions and speaks truth in the face of opposition and the cancel culture.


We must stand strong and stay prayful in  this spiritual battle. Seeking the Peace that comes only from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.-- J.

17) After prayerful consideration, we have decided to join this movement. As of June 19th, we are no longer contributing to our weekly church collection. We will re-direct this amount to Canadian Food For Children, Saint Augustine Seminary, Lifeline (Aid to Women), Birthright, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, Good Shepherd Center in Toronto, etc. --Anonymous

"If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."  Matthew 18:6

18) I was so shocked at this news. The Catholic schools were once thought to be the best for education and teaching behaviour. It began to slide some years back, is now no different than public schools especially for behaviour. It has now hit a new low in putting this LGBTQ flag, created by a personal group, to be displayed at catholic schools. There is no reason at all,  for this flag to be displayed. I could go on at length, but probably just be wasting my breath.  

It is a sad day for our beautiful Catholicism, our traditional Catholicism, and while it does not decrease our personal faith, it sends our faith in the powers that be (some) to the bottom. 

19) We have been disappointed for some time now with the Catholic education that our kids have been receiving at their Catholic school. The flying of the pride flag was the final straw, we will be homeschooling our children as unfortunately we no longer have "faith in Catholic education." --TG

20) "We were incredibly shocked to hear that Fr. James Martin was promoted by the diocese in their summer youth reading list a couple of years ago. At the time, we wrote the diocese about our concerns, and made suggestions of authors that my teenage children really enjoyed and connected with. Unlike Fr. Martin, there are numerous ones that do not have controversy surrounding them. I know many friends who did the same when they heard about this. To date, still no reply from the Diocese. And most recently, the Hamilton Diocese began promoting the secular LGBT agenda and aggressively suppressing any pushback from the clergy, clearly in contravention of the Catechism of the Catholic Church! We continue to pray daily for our Bishop. But we are at a loss for answers for our children, and can only tell them that even Christ had to deal with dissent within his own ranks. We don’t know what else we can do to get the attention of the Diocese, so we are now redirecting our donations to Catholic organizations and dioceses that continue to uphold the truth." --BW

21)"We have children in the Catholic school system and we were shocked to see the Bishop abandon his flock at the Halton Catholic School Board “flag” meeting. We had hoped that the Catholic Church hierarchy had learned about protecting children after all the physical and emotional abused of some Priests in the past. Now we have a Bishop condoning and supporting the “spiritual” abuse of our children.
This is not what a good shepherd should do. The Bishop has lost our trust.
Have had concerns about the Bishop’s Vicar for Education - Reverend Cornelius O'Mahony , for some time. He is known to support the use of funds raised through Catholic School fundraising to support “pro-choice” organizations. It was also his name that appeared under the letter presented at the Board meeting undermining Catholic parents and their children. Reverend O’Mahony has overseen all the failings of our Catholic schools. There is little doubt, that our schools have become less “Catholic” under his watch. He is a man to beware of. He has an agenda.
We are considering redirecting our future Church support to pay to enroll our children in a private school, to keep our children as far away from the Bishop and his group as possible.
Unlike Bishop Crosby, our family has learned from the Church's child abuse scandals of the past, and we are moving to protect our children.
Hopefully, a private Catholic school option arises in the area.

A Question:
As Catholic Schools become less and less "Catholic", at what point do they lose the public funding allocated to "Catholic" schools?
If a new truely Catholic Separate School Board were to emerge, do they then qualify for the public funding as the authentic "Catholic" school board?


 21) "Sadly, this diocese has been defunded by me since 2018. Did anyone drive past St. Eugene's that year on Queenston Road? One of the busiest roads in Hamilton? And caught a glimpse of the billboard on Church Property that announced a PSYCHIC FAIR in the parish hall? I'm completely serious. The pamphlets promised tarot cards, mediums, necromancers and occult items for sale. In a parish hall. On catholic church property. I begged and pleaded with the bishop through phone and email. Not one single response from him. What spiritual damage did this do to the diocese? So shocked and so saddened."  --Anonymous

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
because you have rejected knowledge,
I reject you from being a priest to me.
And since you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children.